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Home Inspections In Kendall, FL

Home inspections in Kendall verify whether or not a home that is for sale is truly worth the asking price. Don’t you want to know if you are making a sensible buying decision? Let TruView Inspections help you make the right choice.

Have you found a favorite home in Kendall? If so, you’ve probably made an offer on it or are preparing one. Now is the perfect time to hire a certified master inspector to perform a full home inspection. An inspection can tell you a great deal about your prospective new home.

For instance, does that home have any obvious problems with its electrical system? Is the roof really in good shape? Does the foundation show signs of problems? Is mold growing somewhere in the house?

A full home inspection can tell you this and more. This enables you to make a fully informed decision. Do you take the house as is or ask the current owner to make some improvements? Should the price of the home be adjusted to account for repairs and improvements that will have to be made immediately after purchase?

Don’t go into negotiations in the dark. You need to know everything about that house, and TruView’s inspectors are the ones who can put the power in your hands.

Home Inspection in Kendall, FL

Our list of Kendall home inspections includes the following:

In addition to full home inspections on single-family dwellings, TruView’s inspectors also perform townhouse inspections. Home buyers may opt for a townhouse because it’s more affordable and can be easier to maintain. Our certified inspectors leave no stone unturned in townhouse inspections. We’ll look at gutters, decks, foundations, grading, siding, paint and more on the exterior. On the interior, we’ll put the HVAC system through its paces as well as examine the plumbing and electrical systems. Examining the roof, windows, floors and doors is a part of the process too.

We’ll let you know if the structural components are sound and that the appliances are functional. With a detailed home inspection report in your hands, you’ll know if that townhouse truly is worth the asking price.

Best Home Inspection Company in Kendall, FL

Did you know that TruView performs insurance inspections too? Our wind mitigation inspections are designed to tell homeowners and insurance companies how stable a particular structure is in the case of a major wind event. An inspection performed by one of our certified professionals evaluates the building’s potential to withstand winds based on criteria such as the:

If you recently purchased a home, then you need a company that performs home inspections in Kendall to help establish a homeowner’s insurance policy. Wind mitigation inspections also may be required when it’s time to renew an existing insurance policy on your home.

In addition to helping homeowners establish or maintain insurance coverage, a wind mitigation inspection is critical for informing the homeowner with regard to needed home renovations and improvements.

Need a Home Inspection Company in Kendall, FL?

Kendall home inspections are valuable tools that help to protect you and your home. If you have questions or concerns about an environmental condition in your home, come to TruView Inspections first. We’ll let you know if mold is lurking in hidden corners or if termites are present. We also scope sewer lines and inspect septic tanks.

No project is too large or too small for the knowledgeable and efficient inspectors at TruView. We are available on a flexible scheduling basis. That means that we come to you whenever it suits your busy lifestyle.

With competitive prices and some of the most experienced home inspectors in the local region, you can trust TruView Inspections for all of your home inspections in Kendall.

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