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Inspection Upgrades

We wanted to let you know that we offer additional inspections that may be beneficial to your home inspection…

There are three important items to a home inspection that require further testing and we wanted to make sure you were aware before the home inspection:

Mold Testing

During the inspection we perform a visual assessment for mold and if there are any red flags we will let you know. However, there are many situations where the mold could be airborne only, behind walls, behind cabinets, inside the air ducts/HVAC system, or painted over. In order to be sure the home does not have mold we recommend having mold testing done while we are at the property. This test determines if there is airborne mold or mold undetectable to the naked eye. Once the samples are taken then we will submit it to a laboratory where results will be provided within 24 hours. For more information visit our website: Learn More About Mold Testing

Sewer Camera

If the property is built prior to 1975 then chances are it has cast iron pipes. The inspector will run a camera through your main drain line in order to check if the pipes are broken, back-pitched, corroded, etc. Failure to check on the condition of these pipes can lead to expenses repairs such as cutting the floors inside the home in order to replace/repair the drain lines. (Not Applicable To Condos/Apartments)

Lead Paint Testing

 Houses built before 1978 may have lead in the paint and testing is required in order to determine lead levels in the paint. Lead in the paint can cause developmental problems in children and is harmful to pregnant woman. The inspector will collect samples at the property and sent to a laboratory where a determination will be made regarding lead levels in paint. For more information visit our website: Learn More About Lead Testing.

If you are interested in any of these services then please call the office in order to inquire about pricing. That way your inspector can have the proper equipment on site to complete these extra services for you. 

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