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Our company, Truview, is the go-to choice for homebuyers, current homeowners, insurance agencies, and real estate professionals in the local area!

Whether you are a prospective homebuyer who would like all the facts before signing on the dotted line or you are a current homeowner who simply needs to know about any issues with your property, you can rely on our home inspectors!

Our skilled South Florida home inspection team can fully inspect your property and let you know of any issues of concern, including what on your property needs to be repaired, replaced, removed, etc. Relieve all of your anxieties as a prospective or existing homeowner by scheduling an inspection with us today!

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We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong reputation with our clients, providing a high standard of customer service until all inspection needs are met. Owning a property is a huge investment accompanied with high risks. Our job is to help reduce that risk and relieve stress.

Take advantage of our free estimates! Our licensed professionals will take you from roof to foundation. In addition to inspecting houses, we also inspect condominiums and luxury properties. We serve clients throughout South Florida.

To schedule an inspection, call us at one of the following phone numbers:

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Here are a few reasons to choose TruView Inspections:

HD Video & Pictures

Complimentary Moving Concierge

Free Insurance Inspection w/ Full Inspections

Immediate Report Delivery

$100 Credit Toward Handyman Repairs

200% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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