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40 Year Recertification Inspections | Central Florida, Treasure Coast, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade

40 year building
Recertification Inspections

When someone turns 40 years old, it’s considered something of a milestone. The same is true for buildings that are nearing their fortieth anniversary in Florida.

That’s because a recertification at 40 years is required for many buildings in our area. If you own commercial property in Florida, then you will be required to obtain a 40 Year Inspection/ Recertification to ensure that your building is safe, functional and structurally sound.

What Is a 40 Year Building Recertification Inspection?

Various county codes in Florida require a 40 Year Inspection on most commercial buildings. Property owners receive a Notice of Required Inspection as the anniversary date approaches. This anniversary is determined by the date on which the structure received its original Certificate of Occupancy.

Recertifications are required on most buildings except for duplexes and single-family homes. Buildings that have occupant loads of 10 or fewer and are fewer than 2,000 square feet in Miami-Dade County and fewer than 3,500 square feet in Broward County also may be exempted.

Once the property owner receives the Notice of Required Inspection, they have 90 days to obtain the inspection. The results of this thorough examination of the structure determine whether or not it can be recertified for a 10-year period. If it cannot immediately be recertified, then the property owner is required to make repairs and improvements to obtain recertification. A 60-day period is granted for completing the improvements.

Property owners may face stiff legal and financial penalties for non-compliance.

What Is Inspected During A 40 Year Building Recertification Inspection?

All of the structure’s major components will be examined during the inspection. This includes the electrical and foundational systems as well as the roof, steel frames, masonry bearing walls, concrete framing systems and wood framing. Inspectors additionally look at the flooring, emergency lighting and conduit raceways.

Accordingly, the inspector will need to evaluate all of the main structural elements to determine if they are sound. Any signs that indicate compromised structural integrity will be noted in a report. Similarly, the inspector visits the electrical room to look at the panels, gutters, feeders, breakers and other components. A thermal inspection may be required if the building’s electrical system operates at greater than 400 amps.

Who Must Perform a 40 Year Recertification Inspection?

Not everyone can perform a 40 Year Inspection for properties in Florida. It is imperative that these services be provided by a licensed professional working under the direction of a professional architect or engineer. Hiring a seasoned professional is imperative to ensuring a smooth process and accurate results.

Miami-Dade 40 Year Recertification Requirements

Any commercial building in Miami-Dade County that is larger than 2,000 square feet and is not classified as a single-family home is required to undergo a recertification process. This means that only owners of single-family dwellings, duplexes and buildings with occupant loads of 10 or fewer and measuring fewer than 2,000 square feet are exempted from inspection and recertification.

Broward County 40 Year Recertification Requirements

Any commercial building in Broward County that is larger than 3,500 square feet must be inspected and recertified after 40 years. Any buildings that are smaller than this are exempted. Other exceptions to the law include any single-family and duplex dwellings as well as schools that are under the Broward County school board’s jurisdiction. Similarly, structures on Indian Reservations, State of Florida buildings and federal government structures are exempt.

About Truview Inspections

Is your building’s 40 year anniversary right around the corner? If so, you may have already received a notice alerting you to the need for inspection and recertification.

You have come to the right place to learn more about this process and to find qualified professionals who can handle everything for you.

Truview Inspections boasts a team of highly qualified professional inspectors who can help you throughout a 40 year building inspection and recertification. With hundreds of similar inspections and reports already completed, we are experienced and qualified in this sector. Hire us with confidence, knowing that you will receive a detailed and unbiased report that will help you to re-certify your property or find out what needs to be repaired and upgraded to obtain recertification.

We encourage our clients to act quickly when they receive a Notice of Required Inspection. That 90-day period can go by fast, and you want to give yourself plenty of time to allow for a thorough inspection and for completing any necessary repairs.

When you work with Truview Inspections, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with trusted and experienced professionals who are experts in commercial building inspections.

Remember that governments can impose penalties on property owners when required inspections are delayed. Act now by contacting Truview Inspections. Our experienced and efficient inspectors are waiting to help you.

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