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Home Inspections In Miami, FL

Are you finally becoming a first-time home buyer?

If so, congratulations are in order! The other thing that’s in order is a full inspection of your prospective home.

Call TruView Inspections today to schedule an inspection on any home, whether old or new, that you are planning to buy. Home inspections in Miami are the best way for you to enjoy complete peace of mind as you invest in what is probably the largest purchase of your life.

Home Inspection in Miami, FL

Home inspections are generally not required when a home is bought or sold. Nonetheless, real estate professionals will likely tell you that it’s wise to have a Miami home inspections service provider do a thorough review of the property before you sign on the dotted line.

In fact, a full home inspection is indispensable whether you are buying an existing home or a house that is brand-new construction. Regardless of the age of the home, you can only benefit from knowing more about its condition.

At TruView Inspections, we don’t just perform inspections for home buyers. We’ll inspect your home before you put it on the market so that you can make necessary repairs and upgrades and be certain that the property is appropriately priced.

Here’s a look at a few of the inspections that the professionals at TruView perform on a regular basis:

Best Home Inspection Company in Miami, FL

Our TruView inspectors are available to help you regardless of the type of property inspection you need. For instance, we routinely perform wind mitigation inspections so that you can ensure that your home is ready for any storms that may be looming on the horizon. You can even use the report from a wind mitigation inspection to find out which credits apply to your home. Our certified inspectors are trained to identify the add-ons and key features that reduce the potential amount of damage to your home in a windstorm.

We’re also equipped to perform four-point inspections. Insurance companies require these inspections on applications for homes that are more than three decades old. One of our Florida-licensed home inspectors will come to your home to check the roof, heating and cooling system, plumbing and electrical system. Among the inspector’s findings are the age, condition and type of each of these critical systems. This gives the homeowner an opportunity to repair items such as active leaks or exposed wiring before their insurance application is submitted.

Need a Home Inspection Company in Miami, FL?

Home inspections in Miami can be performed on the entire structure or may focus on one certain part of the structure. As an example, the inspectors at TruView are prepared to inspect shingle roofs that are more than 25 years old and metal, concrete, clay, slate and tile roofs that are greater than 50 years old. Your inspector will look for visible signs of deterioration and damage as well as assess how much useful life remains in the roof. If a roof is determined to have fewer than three years of useful life, most insurance companies will require the homeowner to prove that the roof has been completely replaced before an insurance policy is written.

Whether you need just a roof inspection or an inspection that covers every aspect of a home, then you need the experts at TruView to perform home inspections in Miami. Contact us today to learn about how affordable high-quality home inspections can be.

TruView Inspections offers flexible scheduling so that our inspectors are ready when you are. Give us a call today to find out how TruView can help you.

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