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Home Inspections In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Home inspections in Palm Beach Gardens typically are performed in the course of a real estate transaction like buying or selling a home.

TruView Inspections routinely provides complete home inspection services to people in Palm Beach Gardens. Some of these people are selling their current home. They ask for a pre-listing inspection because they want to know more about their home’s condition before it goes on the market.

The results of a pre-listing inspection help the homeowner decide whether or not to complete some repairs before putting the home up for sale. Alternatively, it may make sense to adjust the home’s price accordingly. Either way, a pre-listing inspection usually smooths the process of selling the home, making everything go more quickly and doing away with any unpleasant surprises.

Other Palm Beach Gardens home inspections that are performed by TruView are completed on behalf of potential home buyers. These inspections alert the buyer to any problems that may need to be addressed. This enables the buyer to adjust their offer on the house, ask for certain concessions from the homeowner or simply walk away.

For all of your home inspection needs, you can rely on TruView to give you honest and unbiased results.

Home Inspection in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

TruView provides services in Palm Beach Gardens that include:

Full home inspections are our most frequently requested service. This non-invasive visual examination of the property is aimed toward identifying material defects in the structure, crawl space, foundation, basement, exterior and roof. The plumbing and electrical systems, fireplace, insulation, attic, doors and windows all are included in the inspection.

A full home inspection requires between two and four hours. Within a short time of completing the inspection, TruView’s client is provided with a detailed written report that’s easy to understand.

When you need to know more about a property, call TruView Inspections to help.

Best Home Inspection Company in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Home inspections in Palm Beach Gardens frequently are done for insurance purposes. One example of this is the four point inspection. This is a comprehensive survey of the plumbing, electrical, roof and heating and cooling systems. Generally reserved for homes that are at least three decades old, an insurance company may request a four point inspection when writing a policy.

Another example of an insurance inspection is a wind mitigation inspection. The results of this inspection may help the homeowner to qualify for discounts on a windstorm policy. Your TruView inspector will look at the age of the roof, the roof’s shape, the strapping and nailing and the presence of impact-resistant glass. Homes that have reinforced garage doors, shutters on the windows, property opening protection and a secondary water-resistance barrier tend to score higher on wind mitigation inspections. That’s because they protect the home in the event of a windstorm, which results in far less damage. Accordingly, the homeowner will be rewarded with wind mitigation discounts on their insurance.

Need a Home Inspection Company in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

Palm Beach Gardens home inspections are most reliable when they are performed by seasoned professionals who have been in the business for decades.

That’s exactly what you get when you work with TruView Inspections. Our trustworthy, capable and knowledgeable inspectors are exactly the professionals that you want to have working for you when you need to know more about your home’s condition.

Contact TruView today to learn more about home inspections in Palm Beach Gardens. Our services are available on a flexible basis so that we can be there for you when you need us most. Schedule an inspection in advance to get the most convenient appointment times. Of course, we’re also available to our customers on an emergency basis.

Trust TruView Inspections to provide superior home inspection services at remarkably competitive rates in Palm Beach Gardens and beyond.

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